Fascinate 2013 Showcase and Conference

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Thank you everyone who attended my performance at the Fascinate Showcase at Falmouth University.  It was a fantastic few days and I hope very much it continues for years to come.  It was an honour to perform at it – thank you to those who spoke to me afterwards for your kind words and extra special thanks to Ian, Carolyn, Thanos and the many others who put together this outstanding event.

For anyone who did not get to see my piece, I will hopefully get round to editing a video together at some point in the distant future…  In the meantime, there’s some music knocking around on this site, as well as the generative music application I created, now freely available to download in the software section.

As for the conference, wow!  My mind is still spinning nearly a week after.  Some amazing lectures and workshops on a diverse range of subjects.  Especially looking forward to experimenting further with what I learnt during Emmanuel Flores Elias’ http://emmanuelflores.net node.js workshop, as well as reading more on the work of Stahl Stenslie, http://www.designresearch.no/people/stahl-stenslie.