Manyfingers – The Spectacular Nowhere

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Credited for:

  • Mixing and co-mixing several tracks
  • Additional drum recording and production work

Manyfingers’ third album ‘The Spectacular Nowhere’ is the work of multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Chris Cole (Movietone, ex-Third Eye Foundation), the album also features vocal contributions from ex-Moonshake frontman and former PJ Harvey collaborator, Dave Callahan.

Described by Joseph Stannard writing for The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music as:

“…a spectacularly energising tribute to Moondog that also evokes the frantic repetitions of Hardin’s disciple Philip Glass”, “…adeptly tying together threads of modern composition, agit-pop and smartly orchestrated noise.”

Praise is also given to the album’s “stubbornly subjective adherence to its own worldview, the chamber-like arrangements, the degree of detail to the sound”.

Manyfingers’ ‘The Spectacular Nowhere’ is available on Ici D’ailleurs/Mind Travels.

Manyfingers – Our Worn Shadow


Credited for:

  • Recording and mixing album
  • Recording and mixing live performance from DVD

Manyfingers’ second album, also featuring a live DVD especially recorded at The Cube Cinema, Bristol.

Released on Acuarela Discos.
Re-released 2016 on vinyl by Norman Records.

Matt Elliott – Drinking Songs


Credited for:

  • Recording on ‘C.F. Bundy’, ‘Trying to Explain’ and ‘The Kursk’.
  • Arrangement/production on ‘C.F. Bundy’.

Matt Elliott’s (Third Eye Foundation) first post-Domino Records release, on French label Ici D’ailleurs. Also the first in a trilogy of exceptional albums which marked Matt’s shifting focus from electronic to folk music.

Matt Elliott – Failed Songs


Credited for:

  • Recording, mixing and production on ‘Mellow’ and ‘Eulogy for Liam’

Bonus album, later released standalone, originally included as part of 7LP box set compilation all three of Matt Elliott’s ‘Songs’ albums, ‘Drinking Songs’, ‘Failing Songs’ and ‘Howling Songs’. Album features unreleased material recorded alongside. ‘Mellow’ and ‘Eulogy for Liam’ were originally recorded during the ‘Drinking Songs’ sessions but were not developed further at the time.

Matt Elliott – Failing Songs


Credited for:

  • Technical support.

Second album in the ‘Songs’ trilogy.

New Haunts – Failing Me single

Credited for:

  • Mixing & mastering.

A selection of independent releases mastered by Marcus:

Hollowbody – Inside the Wolves
Silver Waves – EP1
The Woodlice – Certain Gifts