Verisimilitude II

VRI 2 BWCombining original oil paintings by Pilar Cortés and music by Marcus Dyer, ‘Verisimilitude II’ begins by presenting nine paintings in a gallery, before immersing the user in a world created from that work.  This piece is a development on their previous work, ‘Verisimilitude I’, this time featuring an entirely new Virtual Reality application.

‘Verisimilitude II’ was the first known mobile VR application to use the phone’s accelerometer to enable real-world walk detection without the aid of additional hardware.  It was declared ‘Winner of Most Immersive’, after entering the Google & Unity sponsored 2015 Global Archiact VR Games Jam.


Featuring a Myst-inspired adventure element, ‘Verisimilitude II’ functions as both art installation and experiential game, presenting a highly immersive mobile VR experience without the aid of additional hardware.

Can you find your way off the island?


Available now for Android on Google Play Store.

Updated version coming soon for IdeaLens K2.

Minimum Requirements:

Requires Android 4.4 and up
Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive or other compatible stereoscopic viewer required for VR mode
2D mode also available
Headphones highly recommended
Samsung S5 equivalent or higher recommended
Will run on some older devices eg, S3 with reduced frame rate