Manyfingers’ ‘The Spectacular Nowhere’ album out now

Cover_The Spectacular Nowhere-500x500

Manyfingers’ third album ‘The Spectacular Nowhere’ is available now through Ici D’Ailleurs/Mind Travels on CD and 2xLP. Primarily the work of multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Chris Cole (Movietone, ex-Third Eye Foundation), the album also features vocal contributions from ex-Moonshake frontman and former PJ Harvey collaborator, Dave Callahan.

Having previously recorded and co-produced Manyfingers’ second album, ‘Our Worn Shadow’, it was an absolute honour to be asked to return to mix and co-mix several tracks, as well as assist with additional drum recording and production duties.

Described by Joseph Stannard writing for The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music as:

“…a spectacularly energising tribute to Moondog that also evokes the frantic repetitions of Hardin’s disciple Philip Glass”, “…adeptly tying together threads of modern composition, agit-pop and smartly orchestrated noise.”

Praise is also given to the album’s “stubbornly subjective adherence to its own worldview, the chamber-like arrangements, the degree of detail to the sound”.

Manyfingers’ ‘The Spectacular Nowhere’ is available to order here. A full stream of the album can also be heard here.