Quickstart tips

For the moment full documentation has yet to be written, however this quickstart guide and accompanying command guide should get you started. Please also open the ‘Example’ session provided with the download to get an idea of how the application works. Application runs full-screen only; move the mouse to the top of the screen to access the menu.

– Create new objects by double-clicking anywhere in the workspace.

– Single click an object to select it for editing.

– Type on the keyboard to enter a command and/or data into the currently selected object. If a MIDI IN port is active, typing data in via MIDI is also possible with certain objects.

– Delete selected objects using Apple+E or delete from the Edit menu.

– Click and drag on unused space to highlight multiple objects.

Cable an object to another object by clicking and dragging the source object onto the target object.

– Objects can be packed into nested folders using command-P and unpacked using command-U. These folders can be entered by double-clicking on objects marked with a ‘+’ or ‘-’. It is also possible to toggle through the different folders using command-J.

– The application will start to run slow on more complex compositions. If this happens, consider switching ‘Auto-Render’ off and manually rendering with Command-R only when necessary.

– Turning sync mode on will allow the sequencer to sync with MIDI clock via the IAC bus. This has only been tested with Logic, but should work with any sequencer which can output MIDI clock. In sync mode, transport controls within ‘Constellation’ are disabled.

– Load and save double as import and export – if you want to start afresh, rather than import, select new first. Save/export will save whatever objects are currently selected only. If you want to save the whole composition, make sure nothing is selected first.

– Please be aware that there is no confirmation when saving so it is a little easy to overwrite files! There is also no registration of file-types or recognisable file extension at present.