Theskyisthinaspaperhere album launch + Lessens support, The Lanes 24th August 2020

In one of the first post-lockdown gigs of 2020, theskyisthinaspaperhere returned to The Lanes to launch new album The Dead Seasons.

Goes without saying that these are incredibly difficult times for everyone for all manner of reasons at the moment. In spite of indoor gigs being allowed again, social distancing requirements and all sorts of vague and contradictory guidance, mean very few venues are able to actually offer live music at present. By some miracle, Lewis and Ross at The Lanes, Bristol have done an amazing job in making it all work as safely as possible. I really can’t thank them enough for letting me put on this event.

A massive thank you to the incredible Lessens for playing support. They’re an amazing band and was an honour to share the stage with them – please listen to them and follow them in all the usual places. Likewise, an equally ginormous thank you to Kit for doing a fantastic job on sound for both Lessens and myself.

And finally, a different word which means big but is neither greater or lesser in magnitude than the previous words prefixing thank you to Carl, Zoe, Leslie, Matt, Rich, Jeff, Rob, Miles and a ton of other people I already preemptively feel bad for forgetting, for making it down in these uncertain and unsettling times. Really felt I was on a roll with this project last year: 2020 has been kick in the teeth for sure, especially coupled with the impact on my sound work.

Those who shared kind words after or online or bought my album, it really means the world to me.