Verisimilitude II

Released in June 2014, ‘Verisimilitude I’ was a VR installation piece combining original oil paintings by Pilar Cortés and music by Marcus Dyer. Developed using the Durovis Dive dev kit and predating the release of Google Cardboard by two weeks, it was amongst the first wave of VR applications released for iOS devices.  ‘Verisimilitude II’ is currently in development for Android and iOS devices.

Preview images from development version of ‘Verisimilitude II’.


This second application presents an entirely new VR experience, this time using the paintings created especially for the installation as source material. ‘Verisimilitude II’ begins by presenting the nine paintings in a virtual gallery, before immersing the user in its new environment.



Featuring a Myst-inspired adventure element with interactive objects and an ingenious accelerometer control method to allow the user to explore at their own leisure, ‘Verisimilitude II’ aims to create a highly immersive mobile VR experience without the aid of additional hardware.  Newly composed music and multi-channel sound design once again accompany the work.

Coming soon on iOS AppStore and Android Google Play Store.


“He remembered the top, the sudden leveling of the hill, when the climb ceased and the other part of it began. How many times had he done this? The several times blurred; future and past blurred; what he had already experienced and what he would eventually experience blended so that nothing remained but the moment, the standing still and resting during which he rubbed the cut on his arm which the stone had left. God, he thought in weariness. In what way is this fair? Why am I up here alone like this, being tormented by something I can’t even see?”

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – Philip K Dick