Archiact Global VR Jam: Verisimilitude II

Proud to have completed ‘Verisimilitude II’ in time to compete in the Archiact Global VR Jam! To see someone playing it alongside actual game footage see:

If you have an Android phone and would like to play it yourself, VR gaming site has kindly featured the app:

DownloadVerisimilitude II

Or it can be directly downloaded from the Google Play store.

Currently, five star rated on both sites, the application has been receiving some excellent feedback:

Maxim Tsai via You Tube:
“I still cannot comprehend how the makers of Verisimilitude 2 got the game to detect RUNNING. Most impressive.”

Ryan Zehm via Play Store:
“Really cool Cardboard VR game here, I like how I gotta walk or run to make my character move!”