Embrace DNR: Sound installation @44AD Artspace, Bath, 8th-14th February 2016

This work was first publicly displayed as part of Carolyn’s Embrace DNR exhibition at 44AD Artspace, Bath, 8th-14th February 2016.

Marcus was previously commissioned by performance artist Carolyn Savage to compose an original piece of music, record and edit accompanying dialogue and develop an accompanying sound installation, to be used as part of her exhibition Embrace DNR.


Embrace DNR: Sound Installation presents an illuminated radiotherapy mask.  Using audio samples edited from interviews with the mask’s owner, the mask continues to breath…  Viewers are encouraged to engage with the piece using a touch sensitive MIDI ribbon controller.


Recorded, edited and composed over a three year period, Embrace DNR: Composition juxtaposes voice recordings made of Carolyn’s writings describing the experience of her husband’s decline and passing, alongside recordings of her departed looking back on his life and forward to an unknown future. In the process, a heart-wrenching narrative dissonance forms.


The composition can be heard in full here: Embrace DNR.  For more information, please also visit the Embrace DNR website.